Safety Policies



Concussions are serious business and we don't take any chances with skater safety.

Ontario law now prescribes specific rules around concussion prevention and response to suspected concussions.

All skaters (and their parents) will now be required to confirm that they have reviewed the appropriate Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource (10 and Under, 11-14 Years, 15 and Over) and sign a Concussion Code of Conduct. All coaches and trainers are required to sign a Coach/Trainer Concussion Prevention Code of Conduct.


Any member or volunteer who enters the ice surface must be wearing a helmet. This applies to all skaters, coaches, parents and associate members whether wearing skates or other footwear.

Safety Equipment

All skaters are required to were all safety equipment at all times when on the ice for practice or competition.

2018-2019 Speed Skating Red Book gives details of required equipment.

Safe Sport Policies

All Skaters, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents are bound by the OSSA Safe Sport Policies.

This includes:

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Abuse Policy

  • Whistleblower Policy Procedure

  • Athlete Protection Guidelines

  • Social Media Policy

And other items