Membership Information

2023-24 Memberships, Fees and Costs

Recreational and Newer Skaters (No Racing)

2023-24 Quinte Blades Ice Fee: $400.00*

2023-24 Ontario Speed Skating Membership Fee: $41.00


Competitive Skater (Racing in Ontario)

2023-24 Quinte Blades Ice Fee: $400*

2023-24 Ontario Speed Skating Membership Fee: $111.00

4-Session Introductory Membership

This is a trial membership that includes 4 on-ice session and skate / equipment rental.

Total Cost: $100.00 (50% of the fee is refunded if the skater upgrades to a full membership.) 


Skate Rentals

Most skaters rent skates for: $125 / Season*

Skate Sharpening

Skates are sharpened by hand by a club member usually after 4-6 weeks.

Skate Sharpening: $25 / Season

Bingo Fundraiser

We earned A LOT of money by working 13 bingos last year.  With these 13 bingos we were able to reduce our fees by at least $180 per skater!  Needless to say, bingos are a key funding component and we need (and appreciate) your help!

We are asking each family to work two bingos again this year.  If your family is made up of more than one skater, we ask that you volunteer to work a couple more if at all possible. We do have extra spaces to fill in. 

*Each family must submit a $150 Bingo and Equipment deposit. This is returned when the family has completed 2 Bingos and returned all rental equipment.

Try Speed Skating For Free!

We will be hosting regular opportunities try speed skating for free! We'll give you skates, help you with safety gear. You will need a hockey helmet. We'll even pay for the ice!

Pick one of the dates below and click the link to sign up!

Skate Rentals

FACT: Most Quinte Blades members DO NOT own their skates.

Speed skates are a specialized piece of equipment and can be costly (range from $400 to over $1500). We have an inventory of over 90 pairs of skates to fit almost about everyone. As young skaters' feet grow, they can be fitted with a new pair of skates. Adult skaters who enjoy skating and wish to stay with the sport usually purchase their own skates after 2 or 3 seasons. Renting skates will cost $125 for the entire season. Blades are hand sharpened by trained club members, sharpening as needed will cost $25 for the entire season. 

2022-23 Registration Information & Checklist