The Quinte Blades

Information for Parents

Quinte Blades...

  • Is a family friendly club that offers speed skating programs for kids, youth and adult skaters

  • Has certified coaching for introductory, recreational, and competitive skaters

  • Offers an inclusive Special Olympics program

  • Has a complete inventory of rental skates and safety equipment available

Young Skaters

Any age is the right age to learn speed skating; we have members from as young as 6 to over 60 and often have children and parents/grandparents skating at the same time. There are, however, certain basic skating abilities that are necessary to participate safely and effectively in the introductory program. These prerequisites are:

  • Glide on one foot from blue line to red line

  • Stop on a whistle from full speed in 5 meters

  • From a standing start complete one lap in 40 seconds

  • Listen to and then perform a sequence of three instructions

Special Olympics

Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt. ~Special Olympian oath

The Quinte Blades Speed Skating Club was formed in 1993 from the Belleville Blades; a speed skating club for Special Olympic athletes. Since its formation, Quinte Blades has been a fully inclusive club with athletes of all abilities training together. Quinte Blades is a proud member of the Belleville and Quinte West Community of Special Olympics Ontario; a community is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Over the years, athletes have participated in the Special Olympic Provincial Winter Games, Special Olympic Canadian Winter Games and the World Special Olympic Games. Quinte Blade Special Olympic athletes continue to train and compete in regional competitions with many qualifying for Provincial and National Teams. If you are interested in skating with Quinte Blades or other opportunities for athletes within Special Olympics, see the resources below.

Skate Rentals

FACT: Most Quinte Blades members DO NOT own their skates.

Speed skates are a specialized piece of equipment and can be costly (range from $400 to over $1500). We have an inventory of over 90 pairs of skates to fit almost everyone. As young skaters' feet grow, they can be fitted with a new pair of skates. Adult skaters who enjoy skating and wish to stay with the sport usually purchase their own skates after 2 or 3 seasons. Renting skates will cost $125 for the entire season. Blades are hand sharpened by trained club members, sharpening as needed will cost $25 for the entire season.

Meets and Racing

Quinte Blades skaters join for many reasons: skill development, fitness, recreation and competition. Racing the in East Provincial Circuit is available to any skater with a "Competitive" skater membership with the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA), and the decision to participate is at the discretion of the skater with the support of the coaches.

Quinte Blades belongs to the OSSA Eastern Regional racing circuit (other clubs: Kingston, Kawartha, Ottawa, Brockville). Generally, Quinte Blades will host one provincial east meet each year, and all members are encouraged to participate in this fun and exciting event either as a racer or volunteer. Interested skaters are encouraged to support and participate in other meets within our regional circuit. Where interested, coaches will discuss with skaters other racing opportunities.

History of the Quinte Blades

The Quinte Blades Speed Skating Club was formed in 1993 from the Belleville Blades; a speed skating club for Special Olympic athletes. The formation of the Belleville Blades was initiated by Lorrie Roebuck and it coached Special Olympic athletes in the sport of speed skating including athletes that participated in the Special Olympic Provincial Winter Games, Special Olympic Canadian Winter Games and the World Special Olympic Games.

In 1993, Dave and Deb Jowett had interest in forming a speed skating club in Belleville for athletes of all abilities. After meeting and skating with the Belleville Blades, an inclusive club was formed, The Quinte Blades Speed Skating Club. Today we continue to support and promote diversity by training athletes of all abilities and interest from high-level competition to fitness and recreation, with continued participation of athletes at Special Olympic events. Currently, we have members from throughout the greater Quinte Region and train at the Wally Dever arena in the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre.

We are a non-profit organization and offer speed skating coaching and training to people of all ages and abilities. Our athletes have advanced their skating and racing techniques, achieved personal best times, set national records and won medals at meets including Provincial Championships. Our athletes have also competed at the Ontario Winter Games and represented Ontario at the Canadian and North American Championships, and in the Can-Am Cup series Competition. Our Special Olympic athletes have consistently attained impressive results with several athletes representing Ontario at the National Championships and the World Winter Special Olympic Games. In 2003, Quinte Blades Speed Skating Club successfully hosted the final round of the Can-Am Cup (sanctioned by the International Skating Union) that featured many of the top intermediate and senior short track skaters from Canada and the United States. This showcase event brought international-level short track speed skating to the Quinte area.

The success of the club is attributed to its membership including enthusiastic athletes, passionate coaches, dedicated volunteers and support from the municipalities, service clubs, businesses and individuals in the Quinte Area. As we move forward, we will continue to build upon the foundation of inclusion and support our athletes to set and strive to achieve their personal goals and aspirations within the sport of speed skating.