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FREE - Try Speed Skating
-Aug. 9, 2018 6:30
-Aug. 9, 2018 7:30 pm
-Aug. 21, 2018 6:00 pm
    Skaters 7+ are invited to join us
    We have skates, helmets and other safety equipment
    FREE for all skaters
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2018 - 19 Season Registration
Sunday Aug. 26, 2018 - 5pm - 7pm
Wednesday Aug. 29, 2018 - 5pm - 7pm
Wally Dever Arena

Email: info@quinteblades.ca or use the Form to contact Us

Quinte Blades...
  • Is a family friendly club that offers speed skating programs for kids, youth and adult skaters
  • Has certified coaching for introductory, recreational, and competitive skaters
  • Offers an inclusive Special Olympics program
  • Has a complete inventory of rental skates and safety equipment available

  • 2017 Season Information
    NEW-- Download / View The 2017-8 Season Schedule
    NEW-- Download / View The 2017-8 Season Group Definitions
    Links for Members
    2017-18 Registration Form
    2017-18 Ice Schedule
    Club Handbook
    SSC Parent Guide
    Links to More Information
    Membership Fees and Costs
    Trial Memberships
    Young Skaters
    Skate Rentals
    Meets and Racing
    Contact us:
  • Call 613-966-0385
  • Email: info@quinteblades.ca
  • Online Form
  • 2017-18 Important Dates
    Sun. Sept. 10 - 10:00am Skating Starts - Wally Dever Arena
    Wed. Sept. 20 - 4:30pm First Wed. Skate - Wally Dever Arena
    Sun. Sept. 24 - 12:15pm Executive Meeting - Wellness Centre
    Sept. 30 / Oct 1 - Ottawa Meet - Nepean
    2017-18 Registration Dates
    All of our registration events have passed. Contact us to set up a time to register.

    2017-18 Membership Fees and Costs

    Competitive and Experienced Skater
    i. will compete at sanctioned competitions in Ontario;
    ii. practice from 9:30 am - 12 pm on typical a Sunday (warmup, on ice, goal setting and dryland training)
    iii. practice Wednesday from 4:15-5:50 (warmup, on ice and dryland training) OR Tuesday from 6am to 7am (with coach approval)
    Membership Fee: $400
    Ontario Speed Skating Membership Fee: $125

    Recreational and Newer Skater
    i. will NOT compete at sanctioned competitions;
    ii. practice from 10:30 am - 12 pm on typical a Sunday (warmup, on ice, goal setting)
    iii. practice Wednesday from 4:15-5:50 (warmup, on ice and dryland training) OR Tuesday from 6am to 7am (with coach approval)
    Membership Fee: $400
    Ontario Speed Skating Membership Fee: $100

    Skate Rentals: $100 / Season

    Skate Sharpening: $20 / Season
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    Trial Membership
    This is a trial membership that includes 4 on-ice session and skate / equipment rental.
    Total Cost: $100.00 (50% of the fee is reduced by this amount if the skater upgrades to a full membership.)
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    Young Skaters
    Any age is the right age to learn speed skating; we have members from as young as 6 to over 60 and often have children and parents/grandparents skating at the same time. There are, however, certain basic skating abilities that are necessary to participate safely and effectively in the introductory program. These prerequisites are: Back to Menu

    Skate Rentals
    FACT: Most Quinte Blades members DO NOT own their skates.
    Speed skates are a very specialized piece of equipment and can be costly. Through a series of grants and strategic purchases we have been able to create an inventory of over 80 pairs of skates in sizes to fit just about everyone. We will be purchasing 10 new pairs of skates for the 2017-18 season.

    As young skaters' feet grow each year, they can be fitted for a new pair of skates. Adult skaters who enjoy skating and wish to stay with the sport usually purchase their own skates after 2 or 3 seasons.

    Renting skates will cost $110 for the entire season. New skates will cost between $400 and $1500.
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    Meets and Racing
    Some Quinte Blades skaters attend speed skating competitions throughout Ontario. Many of our members choose to skate for fitness and recreation and do not compete. Racing is open to all skaters with an OSSA "Competitive Skater" membership, however, attending competitions is entirely optional.

    Generally we will host one meet per season in Belleville. Skaters from Eastern Ontario clubs (Kingston, Oshawa, Ottawa, Brockville) and occasionally some Quebec skaters will attend our meet.

    Meets for newer skaters usually cost between $60 and $100.
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    Our Sponsors

    The Quinte Blades gratefully acknowledge support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. An agency of the Ministry of Culture, which receives annually $100 million of government funding generated through Ontario's charity casino initiative.